The Mayor is a fellow of the Handball Team of Pilea

The Mayor of Pilea-Hortiatis, Ignatios Kaitezidis, was close to the youth handball team of the Association of Housing Estates of Constantinople (PKK) in Pilea. The youngsters, flanked by high school and lyceum students in the area, gave their first critical races, claiming their qualification in the finals of the panhellenic handball championship.

This particular team won the Pan-Hellenic Championship last year, wich have athletes in the National team and has continuous handball successes.

It should be noted that the games were held yesterday and today at the Mikra Thessaloniki National Gymnasium, while all the participants of this great effort were there along with the mayor of Pilea-Chortiatis. From athletes, coaches and administration to sponsors, parents and group friends, everybody was there. And they all enjoyed along with the young players of Pilea, the victory of the team against the Gymnastics Club of Drama.

During the Games, the Mayor had an unexpected meeting with his cousin of Elena Kaitezidou, responsible for the ARION Panorama Sport Club, where the girls of the Rhythmic-Instrumental team were trained because they will take part in an international meeting in a few days.

Good luck girls !!!