Curtains are wide open.. The new Amphitheater was premiered and is now available for our citizens

Between Emilia Kougioumtzi, widow of the late Stavros Kougioumtzis and the Consul of Austria Evelyn Walter – Papadopoulou, the mayor Ignatios Kaitezidis attended and applauded the choirs of the municipality in the brilliant premiere of the Panoramic amphitheater.

A piece of art, architecture and culture was handed over to the citizens of Pylaia-Hortiatis by the mayor Ignatios Kaitezidis. A project, that was created with 1 million euro of European money, and will attract the interest of all forms of cultural expression, through the creators and the people who consistently serve Culture in our municipality and clubs, as well as visitors and residents and professionals as it will boost the local economy directly!

“We have made yet another commitment, culture and its people can now find shelter in a modern space, in a place that worth  their contribution to culture …” said the mayor in his brief greeting. He also added:

“Some time ago, here, at this point, there was just ruins. Many people doubted that this day would come. Now we are here to tell them that this day has come and our reliability has once again proved to be.”

The project was founded on December 7, 2013, and in just 5 months, the current administration of the municipality headed by Ignatios Kaitezidis completed it and handed it to its  protagonists, our choirs this time. For the history, at the Stage was first: the Choir of KAPI Panorama, the kids Choir of Pilea, the Mixed – Female Choir named “PANORAMA”, the Choir of Union of Pontiac of  Panorama and the Choir of the Philoptochos Brotherhood of Imeros Panorama, followed by a concert of the Symphony Orchestra of the Hellenic College of Thessaloniki during the events for the anniversary of the Genoside of the Pontiacs by the Philoptoch Brotherhood of Imeris in cooperation with our municipality!