Kids and adults were found in the area of the 4th Primary School in Pilea to see the first “GREEN” public square of our municipality.

It is a special public square, designed with a distinctive environmental architecture and a strong reference to the environment. It is created with different kind of plants and materials, it has many paths and ceramic floors, pergolas and living rooms, and a fountain with modern lighting. This public square changes the image of the city and becomes a place for recreation and meetings of the locals.

By having the opportunity to meet this new public square, find friends and watch an exceptional program from Eleni Saridou’s Dance Express Cultural Dance Club, this events turned into a big party for the citizens of Pilea.

Strong music, impressive costumes and presenters, kids all over who “gave it all” by dancing in the rhythm of hip-hop and break dance and captivate the audience with their figures, made the event great.



The mayor described this new square as “A project for the environment and the quality of our lives”. He was impressed by the liveliness of the children who gave a brighter side in this day and added: “The environment is our first thought when we create something new in the city. The green public square is a hallmark of our relationship with the environment. The children enjoyed the place as it was supposed to do for this new square. I’m sure the place will be full of people everyday. I wish with all my heart for this place to host many street events full of joy an vividness for our citizens.”

The “GREEN” public square was funded by European and national resources.