From the triumph directly to work!

The celebrations were held for a while for Ignatios Kaitezidis’ electoral triumph, since he and his staff were already on the job. This is depicted on the the report for the first 6 days of the new term of the old and new Mayor of Pylaia-Chortiatis. On the evening of the results he visited the … Περισσότερα →

The Mayor is a fellow of the Handball Team of Pilea

The Mayor of Pilea-Hortiatis, Ignatios Kaitezidis, was close to the youth handball team of the Association of Housing Estates of Constantinople (PKK) in Pilea. The youngsters, flanked by high school and lyceum students in the area, gave their first critical races, claiming their qualification in the finals of the panhellenic handball championship. This particular team … Περισσότερα →

Ignatios Kaitezidis: mayor with 64,27% for 5th term!

With ratings reaching even 75% of the polling stations, Ignatios Kaitezidis was reelected as a triumphant mayor of Pilea-Chortiatis with the impressive 64.27%, one of the largest electoral percentages of mayor in Greece. The electoral victory is even bigger since the mayor dramatically increased the percentage of the previous elections (56.93%), while it is striking … Περισσότερα →

Pilaia sent her own victory message!

With a great gathering in Pilaion of Pilea, with pulse, excitement and lots of youth, the Mayor’s pre-election speeches were completed in the most impressive way, sending a clear victory signal to the entire municipality. “I thank you from my heart for recognizing a great work done for our Pylea. It is very moving to … Περισσότερα →

Filyro is in our heart

A great gathering took place in Filyro, while the mayor gave a speech a few days before the elections and the citizens gave a message for recognition of what happened during the 3 years of the mayor’s public service. “We have proved that Filyro is in our heart. We did a great job. And we … Περισσότερα →

Hortiatis even higher!

The central pre-election speech of the Mayor in Hortiatis was held a few hours ago, while the hall named “Ioannis Manoledakis” was full of crowd, inside and out of it. “We stayed next to our fellow citizens every moment of the public service, with projects that concerns their day-life live and their needs. Hortiatis is … Περισσότερα →

Filyro Lyceum opened its gates

Great joy and happiness in Filyro today! The new Lyceum opened its gates and two great people, who are no longer with us, was honored . The “Georgios Kartsaklis” library and the “Elias Nikolaidis” Multipurpose Library were created to remind us every day their ethos, their contribution to the student community and their struggle to … Περισσότερα →

Unbelievable but true!

Mr. Antonoudis was bothered by the motion of our combination to collect the food & medicine! An invitation, as a response to another (!), was given by the candidate mayor Apostolos Antonoudis, and instead of praising the thoughtful and sensitive initiative of the combination of the UNITY POWER, he was so disturbed that he pleads … Περισσότερα →