The celebrations were held for a while for Ignatios Kaitezidis’ electoral triumph, since he and his staff were already on the job. This is depicted on the the report for the first 6 days of the new term of the old and new Mayor of Pylaia-Chortiatis. On the evening of the results he visited the areas of the municipality to thank his fellow citizens and congratulated his friends and associates, but without needless triumphs, as we know him . The next day in the morning and all day … … he was of course in his office! And for those who know him, this isn’t a surprise! On Tuesday night he celebrated with his close collaborators who took care of preparing a cake that he wrote, what else …. his electoral rate. A great 65%! And of course, anyone who thought that after the celebration the next day he would have a slower pace, they were wrong. Because the mayor’s habits are not changing!  Early in the morning, he welcomed his deputy mayors and close associates in the municipality to speed up and better coordinate municipal work. On Friday afternoon appointment with citizens and officials of the municipality and a Saturday meeting with newly elected consultants to design a new term was held. And of course the victory struggle has its appointment next Monday, because as the mayor said, they all have a role in the effort for the good of the community. The new term began very fast. It seems the speed is as big as the rate! Good start then!