With ratings reaching even 75% of the polling stations, Ignatios Kaitezidis was reelected as a triumphant mayor of Pilea-Chortiatis with the impressive 64.27%, one of the largest electoral percentages of mayor in Greece. The electoral victory is even bigger since the mayor dramatically increased the percentage of the previous elections (56.93%), while it is striking that the high yesterday rates were recorded in all municipalities of the Kallikrati municipality, confirming the common recognition of citizens in the large the work of the mayor in all areas and their confidence to lead the Pilaia-Chortiatis municipality in the future.

Also a very important element of yesterday’s electoral contest in the municipality of Pilea-Chortiatis, which has its own great value, was the massive participation of the citizens, since the abstention was much lower than the average national term.

After the announcement of the results, the citizens reserved a warm welcome to the mayor while he himself faced the triumphant result with great satisfaction but also with the ethos and the responsibility that distinguished him throughout his years of self-government, saying a great victory which belongs to all the citizens and for a new term of creation.

“I want to thank all my fellow citizens, from the beach of Pilea to Filiro, for my love and the trust they showed on my face. Prior to the elections, I spoke of a connection of the mayor and the citizens across Greece. The result confirms this in the most clear way. Our fellow citizens honored the great work of the mandate and those who stood next to it at all times. They gave a clear mandate to continue to build the future of the municipality with consistency and seriousness. They sent a loud message about the need for society to be united. The elections are over. The triumph belongs to yesterday. Today’s work and responsibility lie. To work together for the good of our country and for the needs of our citizens. To continue to be the best municipality. We have a plan ready for the municipality to be in every place. Especially next to each of our fellow citizens. Our work in the municipality continues today! “