With a great gathering in Pilaion of Pilea, with pulse, excitement and lots of youth, the Mayor’s pre-election speeches were completed in the most impressive way, sending a clear victory signal to the entire municipality. “I thank you from my heart for recognizing a great work done for our Pylea. It is very moving to stop people and say thank you why the municipality stood next to them throughout the term. We have worked hard for Pilea, we have created great works that have changed its image. It really was worth every effort and every euro we invested in this place. But we do not stop here. We have a plan for the future, to make Pylea even more beautiful. And we start it on Monday when it comes to us. ” After the end of the talk, the crowd remained with the mayor for a long time at the Cultural Center, while many citizens were photographed with him and wished him warmly for the Sunday show. Of course, two days before the elections could not be missed the wells with … .. prognostics and rates! We will not reveal them …. We will only say that with the love of the world we have seen throughout the election, we are going for a BIG VICTORY!
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