International Music Competition – Young people play music”

The German School of Thessaloniki will hit in March and for a whole week the heart of the music of the Mediterranean youth. There will be about 80 young people taking part in the competition “Young people playing music”, an appointment for “budding” musicians from the German and foreign schools, which is held for the 51st time. And this year we have the chance to be hosted at our school.

Eco-friendly sports. Record Participation at this year’s rough road “Chortiatis Trail Run”

A new athletic institution was acquired by Chortiatis, where the rough road “Chortiatis Trail Run” took place a few days ago.

 Book Presentation by Paschalis Lambardi

The Mayor of Pylaia – Chortiatis Ignatios Kaitezidis invites you to present the book “Pasti Lambardi” Vertical Exit on Saturday, March 22, 2014 at 19:00, at the “Litsa Fokidis” Hall of the Panorama Cultural Center. The author will talk to reporter Elsa Pimenidou.


The great Final of the Educational Innovation, Technology, Research and Robotics Competition FLL GREECE

The first FLL robotics competition, or First First Lego ® League, was first successfully completed in Greece and Thessaloniki by the non-profit association “Eduact – Action for Education”. From our Municipality participated groups of 10 children from Pilea, Panorama, Filiro and Asvestohori – Exochi.