A more original pre-election idea is implemented by the mayor Ignatios Kaitezidis, who, as a tour guide, will accompany all the candidate municipal and local advisers of the combination of UNITY POWER with the “Bus of creation” to enjoy the projects and actions of the political service in all areas of the municipality.

This original visit will start on Tuesday, May 6. The bus will stop in area projects of the former municipality of Chortiatis. It will continue on Wednesday 7 May with stops in the area projects of Pilea and it will be completed on Thursday May 8 with the area projects of Panorama.

In every stop, the mayor will make a little presentation and tell a small history with most interesting details of the project to his young prospective consultants,  in a lively presentation of those made in the three-year term of the single municipality.

The candidate councilors and the mayor will also have the opportunity to make conversations with citizens of each region, to share the informative material of the UNITY POWER and to invite them to the main pre-election speeches of the last week.

The route of the bus of the creation will include only the major milestones – with more than 365 projects and actions, this travel will end ….. after the elections!

Mayor Ignatios Kaitezidis talked about three years of creation, that became a passport for his new political service that begins. He also talked about all the projects and actions that our citizens enjoy and live in every day.