The first day of the Bus.. of creation of the municipality of Pylaia-Chortiatis was completed with a truly impressive route to the projects in Chortiatis, Exochi, Asvestohori and Filiro.

At every bus stop, the citizens warmly welcomed the mayor and prospective consultants and the praised this original initiative, which shows how close the mayor is to the local community.

The day began in Chortiatis from Cultural Hall I. Manoledakis, continued with a stop at IKA clinics and Chortiatis KAPI, where took place a very lively and beautiful conversation between the mayor and prospective consultants and the crowd, then they had a friendly conversation with the shopkeepers of the village and finally they visited the Byzantine Church of the Transfiguration of the Savior.

In Exohi … the bus passengers had the opportunity to see the project of the road asphalt and the project of Ag. Stephanou as well as the new modern playground. Continuing in Asvestohori, they first saw the impressive and full of students new High School in Boulouvania and the municipal vegetable gardens.

In Asvestohori, they made a stop at KAPI, walked to the market and local shops, spoke with a lot of people, and then, along with many citizens, they saw the renovation project of the historic community hall and the new village-refreshment park. A special moment was the time where a presence of a television network crew found in the area and asked the mayor a small interview about the unusual idea.

The last station of the bus was the beautiful Filiro with a special stops in the new High School, the monument of Pontian Hellenism square, and the outdoor theater in the Amadryas forest, while the mayor and the counselors spoke to the citizens and shopkeepers and walked along with people around the streets.

At the closing of the first day, the mayor did not hide his satisfaction of the warm welcome of the citizens  and mention the citizens as people who “recognize a great project and a command that stood next to them throughout the term.” And he added, “Our position is with society. Today with the Bus …of creation. Throughout our term of office with open discussions with citizens, with our visits, with the work we have done in each region. There is no better reward than today. Comrades to embrace us warmly, to support us, to encourage us to continue. “

The bus … .creation starts on the morning of Wednesday, May 7th, on the 2nd day, from the DREAM OF OUR DREAMS for the round of Pilea …


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