Mr. Antonoudis was bothered by the motion of our combination to collect the food & medicine!

An invitation, as a response to another (!), was given by the candidate mayor Apostolos Antonoudis, and instead of praising the thoughtful and sensitive initiative of the combination of the UNITY POWER, he was so disturbed that he pleads (!) those who will go to the opening of his voting center in Pilea, not to carry medicines! Because, as he triumphantly adds at the end of the invitation, the Network (?) gathers medicine throughout the year, backing the action of social solidarity practices.

Two comments are enough.

Firstly, we are publicly provoke him to present any public invitation to our citizens to collect medicine throughout the municipal tenure.


Secondly, it is revealed in the most clear way that neither social solidarity doctors exist. There are only political clinics he wants to set up alongside the political front-line executives who are on the ballot of his municipal faction.

The only social clinics that exist are those of the municipality, that extremely operates, with great volunteer doctors and we are proud of our social contribution.

We, however, we invite all our citizens that intent to go to Mr Antonoudi’s voting center opening,to go ahead of our own electoral center first. Because, unlike him, we need and collect medicines . For those citizens of Pilea-Hortiatis in need. We finally endorse Mr Antonoudis with a wise saying: “Never underestimate a useful act, because you didn’t succeed to make it yours first”!