Message from the Mayor, Mr Ignatios Kaitezidis

Dear friends,

Our efforts for the next term have just started. To finish what we started in 2010, in the most difficult time for the country and for local goverment.

To build upon what we succeded in the municipality we all love and for the citizen to feel that the municipality is close to him/her.

We all know each ather. We have more than politics that connects us. We are connected by ancestry, by our values, by the fights we gave in the same side, by the same perceptions in goals and priorities and by everyday life that we live together in out city

We manage in a short period of time to get together and connect like a big family.
We created bonds of trust, respect and recognition.We learned from each other through friendship and sincerity.
We worked together with smile in our faces and we became friends. Without the formalities that distance people.That is something that cannot change.

For all the above, we are going to once again fight in the new term. For the municipality and its people.For our common future. For the right to a beautiful and human city. And we we do that the way we always did, with ethos and dignity. With consequence and responsibility. With realism and efficiency. Through the institutions and through the priceless help of our people.
The community together is invincible. There is no limit in what it can achieve. Now and forever there is one thing in our hearts and minds.Our municipaliy, our land, our greatest love.

Ignatios Kaitezidis



𝚼𝛑𝛐𝛅𝛆𝛘𝛉ή𝛋𝛂𝛍𝛆 𝛕𝛐𝛎 𝛋𝛂𝛊𝛎𝛐ύ𝛒𝛊𝛐 𝛘𝛒ό𝛎𝛐 𝛍𝛆 𝛘𝛂𝛒ά, 𝛂𝛊𝛔𝛊𝛐𝛅𝛐𝛏ί𝛂 𝛋𝛂𝛊 𝛆𝛌𝛑ί𝛅𝛂 ό𝛌𝛐𝛊 𝛍𝛂𝛇ί 𝛋ό𝛃𝛐𝛎𝛕𝛂ς 𝛕𝛈𝛎 𝛑𝛂𝛒𝛂𝛅𝛐𝛔𝛊𝛂𝛋ή 𝛃𝛂𝛔𝛊𝛌ό𝛑𝛊𝛕𝛂 𝛍𝛆 𝛕𝛐 𝛅𝛈𝛍𝛐𝛕𝛊𝛋ό 𝛍𝛂ς 𝛔𝛖𝛍𝛃𝛐ύ𝛌𝛊𝛐❗ 𝚱𝛂𝛌ή 𝛋𝛊 𝚬𝛖𝛌𝛐𝛄𝛈𝛍έ𝛎𝛈 𝚾𝛒𝛐𝛎𝛊ά 𝛔𝛆 ό𝛌𝛐𝛖ς 𝛋𝛂𝛊 ό𝛌𝛆ς❗❗ Ζώτου Νίκη Δημ. Σύμβουλος Δήμου Πυλαίας-Χορτιατη Ανατολή Κωνσταντινίδου-Anatoli Konstantinidou Αστεριος-Σεργιος Κισκινης Vicky Kanellou Ανατολή Κωνσταντινίδου Παρισοπουλος Γεωργιος – Parisopoulos Georgios Κάλτσιος Σοφοκλής – Δημοτικός Σύμβουλος Πυλαίας-Χορτιάτη … Περισσότερα →

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𝚱𝛂𝛌ές 𝚪𝛊𝛐𝛒𝛕ές, 𝚾𝛒ό𝛎𝛊𝛂 𝚷𝛐𝛌𝛌ά❗

𝚻𝛂 𝛑𝛂𝛊𝛅𝛊ά 𝛍𝛂ς 𝛗𝛚𝛕ί𝛇𝛐𝛖𝛎 𝛕𝛊ς 𝛇𝛚ές 𝛍𝛂ς❗ 𝚨ς 𝛄𝛊𝛐𝛒𝛕ά𝛔𝛐𝛖𝛍𝛆 𝚳𝛂𝛇ί 𝛕𝛐𝛖ς 𝛕𝛈 𝚪έ𝛎𝛎𝛈𝛔𝛈❗ 𝚱𝛂𝛌ά 𝚾𝛒𝛊𝛔𝛕𝛐ύ𝛄𝛆𝛎𝛎𝛂 𝛍𝛆 𝚼𝛄𝛆ί𝛂, 𝚨𝛄ά𝛑𝛈, 𝚬𝛊𝛒ή𝛎𝛈, 𝚾𝛂𝛒ά, 𝚷𝛒𝛐𝛋𝛐𝛑ή, 𝚨𝛎𝛉𝛒𝛚𝛑𝛊ά 𝛔𝛆 𝛋ά𝛉𝛆 𝛔𝛑𝛊𝛕𝛊𝛋ό❗ 🎄 Περισσότερα →

𝚮 𝛔𝛈𝛍𝛆𝛒𝛊𝛎ή 𝛈𝛍έ𝛒𝛂 ή𝛕𝛂𝛎 𝛄𝛊𝛐𝛒𝛕𝛊𝛎ή!

𝛋𝛂𝛊 𝛕𝛂 𝛆ί𝛘𝛆 𝛋𝛖𝛒𝛊𝛐𝛌𝛆𝛋𝛕𝛊𝛋ά ό𝛌𝛂! 𝚬𝛖𝛘ές 𝛄𝛊𝛂 𝛕𝛈𝛎 𝛐𝛎𝛐𝛍𝛂𝛔𝛕𝛊𝛋ή 𝛍𝛐𝛖 𝛄𝛊𝛐𝛒𝛕ή 𝛂𝛑ό 𝛂𝛄𝛂𝛑𝛈𝛍έ𝛎𝛐𝛖ς 𝛗ί𝛌𝛐𝛖ς 𝛋𝛂𝛊 𝛔𝛖𝛎𝛆𝛒𝛄ά𝛕𝛆ς, 𝛂𝛌𝛌ά 𝛋𝛂𝛊 𝛂έ𝛒𝛂 𝛂𝛑ό «𝐇𝐨𝐥𝐥𝐲𝐰𝐨𝐨𝐝» 𝛔𝛕𝛐 𝛅𝛈𝛍𝛂𝛒𝛘𝛆ί𝛐, 𝛔𝛕𝛂 𝛄𝛖𝛒ί𝛔𝛍𝛂𝛕𝛂 𝛕𝛈ς 𝛕𝛂𝛊𝛎ί𝛂ς 𝐃𝐢𝐫𝐭𝐲 𝐀𝐧𝐠𝐞𝐥𝐬. ´𝚬𝛎𝛂 𝛍𝛆𝛄ά𝛌𝛐 𝛆𝛖𝛘𝛂𝛒𝛊𝛔𝛕ώ 𝛂𝛑ό 𝛕𝛈𝛎 𝛋𝛂𝛒𝛅𝛊ά 𝛍𝛐𝛖 𝛄𝛊𝛂 𝛕𝛊ς 𝛉𝛆𝛒𝛍ές 𝛆𝛖𝛘ές 𝛔𝛂ς 𝛍𝛂𝛇ί 𝛍𝛆 𝛕𝛊ς 𝛅𝛊𝛋ές 𝛍𝛐𝛖 𝛆𝛖𝛘ές 𝛔𝛆 ό𝛌𝛐𝛖ς 𝛔𝛂ς 𝛄𝛊𝛂 𝚱𝛂𝛌ές 𝚪𝛊𝛐𝛒𝛕ές 𝛍𝛆 𝛖𝛄𝛆ί𝛂 … Περισσότερα →

LIVE: Elections 2014 Municipality of Pilea-Hortiatis

Ε.Τ. : 78/80

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Ignatios Kaitezidis Nikolaos Nifoudis Odisseas Maaita Apostolos Antonoudis
64.2% 13.4% 8.4% 14.0%