Picnic in Eleorama of Pilea! Yes it's true.

Yesterday it was the 1st of May and not the 1st of April, so the news are true. Two years ago the place was full of trash and abandoned. Today it’s an urban park, one of the largest and most beautiful in Macedonia. It was built in just 2 years with 6.5 million euros of European money and it was opened a few days ago. The Eleorama of our dreams, as it mentioned by the citizens of  Pilea or the “Central Park” of our city as it is seen by the most traveled citizens, hosted hundreds of people yesterday who came out of the morning to seize the 1st of May. The first day of our big park was full of sun, flower crowns , festive mood, walking in the paths, dozens of children in the playground, many bikes and …… picnic. The proof is the first citizen of the municipality, the mayor, who, after talking with many citizens and visitors from different regions, enjoyed a nice picnic with a group of candidates, local residents and kids. Great pictures, that we only seen them abroad. Now we can live them in our own city.